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Welcome to MyAAC. Our vision in creating this website is to give parents, special educators, speech therapists and anyone who is interested, a resource for basic information on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). There are plenty of websites out there that have wonderful information. This is just a way to simplify your search for information. It is our experience that information is thrown at parents/caregivers about using AAC, getting a device and implementing it, but then more questions arise. We will post basic vocabulary related to AAC, information about low tech and high tech options, what to expect in an evaluation, how to get an evaluation, questions about funding, what to do once you get the device as well as a forum to ask questions to AAC specialists. We want to educate everyone about the benefits of AAC! We are not here to make a decision for you or influence you in anyway, we are just here to give you the information you need!  
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Written by Adina Bradshaw   
Wednesday, February 08 2012 17:35
I haven't posted since August 2011 and I apologize for that. I had a baby and am just getting back to doing the things that I love. I hope to post at least monthly from now on. There is so much going on in the world of AAC and AT (assistive technology)!
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Written by Adina Bradshaw   
Wednesday, February 08 2012 17:29

And to give fair time to the increasingly popular Android phones and tablets:

Jeremy Brown a special education teacher and writer for his Teaching All Students blog has compiled a list of Android apps for AAC that are available. This list was compiled on 7/27/2011, there maybe more apps available. Hopefully he will updated it. His wikispace is no longer available.


External Speakers for iDevices (iTouch/iPad) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adina Bradshaw   
Wednesday, February 08 2012 17:22

If you have an iPad/iTouch/iPhone and an AAC app already, but are concerned about the quality of the speakers in loud situations, there are some solutions. Some are less expensive than others. The best one I have seen recently is from FRS Solutions. They have the SoundPOD. There is one for the iPad and one for the iTouch. The iTouch SoundPOD can be purchased with or without an iTouch. The iPad SoundPOD is a conversion kit, so you have to have your own iPad.

SoundPOD for iPad: http://www.frs-solutions.com/products/sounpod/iPad

SoundPOD for iTouch (on their site it says iPod. Not sure if it is compatible with an iPhone): http://www.frs-solutions.com/products/soundpod/ipod

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Written by Adina Bradshaw   
Wednesday, February 08 2012 17:17

So iPads, iTouch and iPhones have become a popular choice for AAC. There are many pros and many cons. There are also over 400 apps available on iTunes for AAC. Even though it is easier to get, I still suggest participating in an evaluation with a professional so that you choose the right app for you or your loved one. You don't want to spend so much money on an app and iDevice that may not be right for you.

Here is a comprehensive list of apps, descriptions and reviews. It is updated regularly This is just a starting point. I still suggest to go to someone to knows the apps or has them to trial before spending money on one.


AAC in acute care PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adina Bradshaw   
Wednesday, August 10 2011 08:15


Advance magazine is a free weekly publication for speech language pathologist. This week their feature article addresses the importance of utilizing AAC in acute care settings.

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